About Me

Dr. Pete D
“Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so”. – William Shakespear –

Welcome to my blog. I’m Dr. Pete D’Angelo from the UK now living in Japan. I’m a qualified psychiatrist and moved on to Clinical & Cognitive psychologist. I have PhD’s in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy & Behavioral Analysis & am currently working on my third PhD in Neuropsychology & researching GID (Gender Identity Disorder).

I own clinics in both Hiroshima & Tokyo focusing on the treatment of a range of mental health disorders. I continue to practice and to conduct research with my main focus on GID (Gender Identity Disorder). Prior to coming to Japan I owned mental health clinics in London & Manchester & had business interests in IT, technology & research projects.

It’s a busy life but delightfully rewarding, not only from a financial standpoint but in so many ways. I have always believed that you get out of life only that which you take, not necessarily that which you earn. As such, I will continue to take as much as possible with no apologies & most importantly, I will enjoy the journey.