Me & Japan

A quick overview of me & my life in Japan.

I could, with very little effort, warble on about me for an eternity. However, suffice to say I am a Psychologist from England now living & working in Japan. It’s a delicious country, full of contradiction, confusion & a lack of direction which I find delightfully fascinating. I love the Japanese people, however, thanks in part to their tireless efforts to acquire “English as a second language”, they are a nation in chaos. You’re more than welcome to peruse the nonsensical ranting contained herein & perhaps move closer to understanding why this is so. However, for the most part I hope to deliver to you a range of topics in a way that I trust you will find informative, debatable & most importantly, enjoyable.

Why “ice9japan”?

The name came to me after reading the 1963 science fiction novel “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Although the novel was a work of fiction, in 1971 the University of Chicago awarded Vonnegut a Master’s degree in anthropology for Cat’s Cradle. The story begins with the narrator researching what “Important Americans” did on the day Hiroshima was bombed (a tenuous link but a link nonetheless) and proceeds to investigate the discovery of a fictional compound “Ice 9” (not to be mistaken with the non-fictional substance Ice IX). For me, the underlying story showed a man’s courage in his perseverance against apathy and indifference and how different the world could be if a little thoughtful structure (e.g. The ordered hydrogen-bonding structure of Ice IX) were given to certain core aspects of life.