Religion: Catholics.

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Religion; The most evil of all social constructs.

I don’t intend to post a plethora of religious based themes but it is a topic that, on occasion, makes me wiggle uncomfortably in my chair so I thought I would tickle the ivories (I know, it’s a computer not a piano) with this little gem. Hope it elicits some kind of emotion within you.

I am fiercely opposed to all forms of religion not simply because they are nothing more than a social construct with absolutely no scientific basis, but also because religion is used to control people, remove free will and to ensure that all bad deeds can go unpunished, one simply blames ‘God’ thus removing everyone of responsibility for everything. Its worth noting that aside from giving the perception of hope to many who are too weak to think for themselves, religion is directly & vicariously responsible for the deaths of more innocent men, women & children worldwide than any other idea, act or disease.

Perhaps the most insipid of all religions is Catholicism. With more than 1.27 billion members (suckers) it has grown to become the second largest religion in the world, the most powerful, the most profitable & the most corrupt. It was best summed up by Stephen Fry in his passionate speech refuting the notion that the catholic church was a source for good around the world. Have a look, it really is worth it, comments welcome;

Still not convinced? Shame on you! Naturally, I sincerely respect everyone’s right to their faith & indeed to pursue any idea or activity that brings them peace, providing, & this is the key point, providing it does not harm anyone else!

More next time…..


Author: Dr. Pete D

Psychologist & businessman from London in the UK now living in Japan. Continuing to practice & to conduct research into GID.

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