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Welcome to my blog.

I felt, in part, obligated to start this blog in response to the mountain of misinformation & non-evidence based ‘advice’ offered by many so called ‘experts’ who see fit to publish a plethora of articles that amount to little more than a mildly detailed expansion of clichéd motivational quotes .

Don’t misunderstand me, ‘Opinions’ are okay but that is all they are. I much prefer any opinion i give to be grounded in empirical evidence. I, unlike so many ‘hacks’ who have jumped on the bandwagon, the cash-cow that is well articulated, re-branded, re-hashed arse, will endeavor to offer evidence & ideas that will genuinely help people on a more permanent basis.

The main focus of my blog will be mental health. I will be writing a number of pieces on a range of mental health problems. All the information I offer will be based on scientifically proven, evidence based methods. I have 20 years experience in dealing with patients at my clinics in London, Manchester & now Hiroshima & Tokyo.

In addition to the serious business of mental heath, I hope to occasionally indulge myself in other slightly less important topics just to lighten the mood from time to time. At the very least, I hope you enjoy reading my blog & you have my sincere thanks for visiting, not to mention my undivided attention should you feel the need to contact me. Thank you all very much.

Eating Disorders; AN & BN


The basic symptoms & theories

Click the link below to open a keynote explaining the symptoms & basic theories of cause & effect. Works on all devices:)



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